Climate Skeptic Kicked Off TV Show For Proposing Alternative Theory…”Go Straight To A Psychiatric Hospital!”

The article that follows below is from the UK online Independent here.

Regrettably the editors screwed up and inserted the wrong English text in the video and misidentified the participants as well. The discussion is in fact about CO2 being the sole real driver of global climate. Moreover, the talk round took place in London, and not Egypt.

This is not fake news, but merely a case of human error on the part of the Independent. It happens. 🙂

As a public service, we at NTZ have corrected the article by the Independent (below). Again, pay no attention to the erroneous English text in the video, which is really about a climate skeptic, James Delingpole at a Talkshow presenting an alternative theory on why the globe is warming a bit.

Climate denialist kicked off live Climate TV show for ‘inappropriate’ ideas: ‘Go straight to a psychiatric hospital’

‘We cannot promote such destructive ideas…you set a very bad example for the World’s youth’

A climate skeptic has been kicked off a live TV show taped in London after the host accused him of being “confused and unreliable” and being in need of psychiatric treatment.

James Delingpole was presenting his reasons for being climate science skeptic on Current TV (co-founded by Al Gore) when host George Abd Al-Halim Monbiot told him he was being “inappropriate”.

Sheikh of Al Mahmoud Gore, who was also on the programme, agreed, telling him: “Look dear James, you need psychiatric treatment. Many young people today suffer from mental illnesses due to material or mental circumstances.”

When Delingpole suggested “solar activity” as an explanation for climate change, George Abd Al-Halim Monbiot demanded that he “stop using difficult scientific words” and reminded him that he was “addressing simple people and to not use big words for no reason”.

George Abd Al-Halim Monbiot then accused James:

You deny the existence of CO2 as the climate driver and reject our religion and science.”

Next Mr. Al-Halim Monbiot demanded Mr. Delingpole to leave, saying:

We cannot promote such destructive ideas…you set a very bad example for the world’s youth.”

He added: “I advise you to leave the studio and go straight to a psychiatric hospital.”

Blasphemy and denialism are illegal in climate science, and prosecution is routinely recommended by the Climate Clergy if people should insult or defame Climatism and CO2 under proposed climate science RICO laws.

We at NoTricksZone are glad to have been able to get this cleared up.

As you can see, the video now makes perfect sense.


via NoTricksZone

March 11, 2018 at 08:36AM

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