How will we keep the lights on without coal?–Booker

By Paul Homewood



Back from India, Booker picks up on two recent items in today’s column:


How will we keep the lights on without coal?

I did not personally have any horror stories from the recent “Beast from the East” because I was visiting my Indian family in Goa (90F in the shade). But I did note that Britain’s lights were being kept on through those freezing days by our few remaining coal-fired power stations, running flat out to contribute up to a quarter or more of all the electricity the country was using.


Cottam Power Station

Coal-fired power stations: we still need them Credit: Oli Scarff/AFP


Within a few years, we will no longer be using coal at all – even though in 2014 it was still contributing 30 per cent of our electricity. This is because the Government wants to close down all the coal-fired power stations, for causing all that global warming you were lately shivering through. We must put our faith instead in ever more subsidised windmills and solar panels. Yet even last Friday 67 per cent of our power was coming from unsubsidised fossil fuels, and only 11 per cent from “renewables”.

Without coal, we will have to rely even more on that other fossil fuel, gas. But, under the Government’s latest “capacity market auction”, not a single new gas-fired power station is to be built, to replace those that will also soon be closing. The terrifying fact is that our politicians are so lost in groupthink that not one could begin to explain how we will then be able to keep our lights on.



Currently, coal and gas are supplying 64% of demand, with wind running at just 4%




March 11, 2018 at 08:30AM

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