Welcome to the Grand Solar Minimum – Video

Adapt 2030 has some great coverage of the snow and cold weather occurring in Europe, Russia, and northern Africa.

22 Mar 2018 – Thick snow in an area of Algeria where snow is supposed to be super rare – Snow in Southern Spain –  Snow on French Beaches

We’re talking record snow: Record after record after record after record.

Wherever you look on social media: “Spring delayed due to snow.” That’s all across Europe, across the eastern United States.

But it’s not across the mainstream media!

European Superfreeze 2.0 brings snow on French Beaches, Record snow in Spain and what can only be considered super extra double unusual snow in Algeria during March. Dust storms with density of sand in the air that can only be described as a “Sand Blaster in the Atmosphere” and massive 1 KG / 2LB+ hail in the USA. The intensification of the Grand Solar Minimum has hit its step forward. You are on your own , you need to prepare.

Look at this sunspot graph. Sunspot numbers were low in the 1970s as the world endured a colder and snowier climate. Now look at the sunspot numbers today. Can there be any doubt as to where we are headed?

Sunspot graph from Adapt 2030

Thanks to Jack Hydrazine for sending this video

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March 26, 2018 at 10:09PM

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