Art Bell dead at 72

Radio host Art Bell – whose conspiracy theories and interest in paranormal activity and UFOs were broadcast into homes throughout America – is dead, according to the Nye County Sheriff’s Department in Nevada.

I still remember the first time Art interviewed me on Coast-to-Coast am in May 1997. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview, and sales of Not by Fire but by Ice just simply exploded. At the time, his show was carried on more than 500 radio stations across the United States and Canada, and he had thousands upon thousands of devoted listeners. He interviewed me several times during the next few years.

As an example of his worldwide influence,  a few years ago my wife and I were vacationing in Cinque Terre, Italy. We were staying in a very small bed and breakfast  part way up a steep hill – something like 200 very steep cobblestone steps to get to it – in the town of Monterosso. As I said, it was a very small place, with maybe five rooms.

Anyway, on the first morning, we were eating breakfast on the patio overlooking the town and the ocean. We were alone, except for one other couple, a man and his wife.

We felt like were were a million miles from anywhere, when the husband suddenly turned to me and asked, “I’m sorry to bother you, but are you by any chance Robert Felix?”

He had recognized my voice!

Turned out that they were from Hawaii, and he had heard me several times on one of their local stations.

That was the power of Art Bell. He will be missed.

Here are a couple of good articles about him:

Thanks to Keith Connelly, Jack Hydrazine and Val Robins for these links
“Sad news today unfortunately talk show host from coast to coast Am radio Art Bell has past away at the age of 72 my for most thoughts and prayers Go out to the family and friends of Art Bell as we remember his life and memory.” says Keith. “May he R.i.P.”

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