UK Green Investment Falls 56% As Govt Subsidies End

More spin from the renewable lobby:

Law firm TLT report says market adapting to government policy changes

UK green investment 'falls 56%' image02/05/2018

Green energy investments fell 56% in 2017 on the back of government policy changes ending onshore wind and solar subsidies, according to a report from law firm TLT.

The ‘Clean Energy Investment Trends 2018’ report said that despite the policy change investment interest in UK renewables remains strong as the market adapts to a post-subsidy world.

Diversification of portfolios was a growing trend last year, it added, with a 33% rise in offshore wind deals and increasing interest in alternative technologies, such as energy storage.

“This is likely to continue into 2018, particularly as the market looks towards multi-technology projects as a way of making subsidy free developments viable,” TLT said.

TLT head of energy and renewables Maria Connolly said: “With the end of onshore wind and solar subsidies, 2017 was a very significant year for clean energy technologies and this is reflected in the report’s findings. 

“Despite the challenges, the clean energy market remained stable and began to adapt to the realities of the post-subsidies era.”


As i have been reporting for some time, investment in renewable energy has been dropping off the proverbial cliff since govt subsidies ended last year for onshore wind and solar power.

So cue the renewable lobbyists to claim that “the market is adapting to govt policy changes”.

Apparently investment in offshore wind deals is increasing, which is hardly surprising, given that this is the main area still open to billion pound subsidies.

It hardly needs pointing out that the aforesaid “energy storage projects” also qualify for subsidies via Capacity Market Auctions, which are only necessary to provide standby capacity for intermittent renewables.

Why a law firm even needs a “Head of Energy and Renewabkes” tells us more about the reliability of the TLT report than anything I can add


May 4, 2018 at 05:02PM

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