Bumper sticker seen today – I call it ‘fracktarded’

Bumper sticker seen today – I call it ‘fracktarded’

There’s plenty of fake news out there, alarmist misinformation, and outright lies. I happened to pull up behind this vehicle today at a stop light and snapped a photo of what I consider one of the most ridiculous and outright false bumper sticker I’ve ever seen. Of course, only an emotional liberal would display something like this.

It reads:


Chemical warfare? Now I’ve heard it all.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make out the fine print at the bottom, but I suspect it’s from those idiots at “Frack Free Butte County” who got a moratorium passed a couple years ago in a county where there’s no oil or gas exploration going on (mainly due to geography) and there’s just one tiny section of the county where there are some old gas wells (maybe a dozen or two) that are decades old.

The whole campaign was so stupid, I wrote a detailed report to the County Supervisors, who tabled the decision and left it up for a public vote. That then turned into a bunch of scare tactics, and since there was no interest in Butte County for any future oil and gas exploration, it went unopposed and passed, becoming a pointless law accomplishing nothing but make a bunch of fools feel good about themselves.

Watch this if you can stomach it.



via Watts Up With That?


May 11, 2018 at 11:07PM

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