Woods Hole Research Center

Woods Hole Research Center

May 21, 2018

By Paul Homewood



Philip B. Duffy

Philip B. Duffy, Ph.D.

President and Executive Director

Woods Hole Research Center



 Yesterday I mentioned the testimony of Philip Duffy to the U.S. House of Representatives Science, Space and Technology Committee, which included three seriously misleading statements.

It is important to draw a distinction between Woods Hole Research Center and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, both based in Massachusetts.

The latter is a genuine scientific organisation, which specialises in ocean studies.



By contrast, Duffy’s Woods Hole Research Center is no more than a climate change think tank.



It receives most of its funding from the US Government, and Duffy himself has spent much of his career working for the White House. Below is his profile from Woods Hole:

Expertise  Domestic climate policy, international climate change negotiations, climate change adaptation, extreme weather risk, climate modeling

Dr. Duffy is a physicist who has devoted his career to the use of science in addressing climate change. Prior to joining WHRC, Dr. Duffy served as a Senior Advisor in the White House National Science and Technology Council, and as a Senior Policy Analyst in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. In these roles he was involved in international climate negotiations, domestic and international climate policy, and coordination of US global change research. Before joining the White House, Dr. Duffy was Chief Scientist for Climate Central, an organization dedicated to increasing public understanding and awareness of climate change. Dr. Duffy has held senior research positions with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and visiting positions at the Carnegie Institution for Science and the Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University. He has a bachelor’s degree from Harvard and a Ph.D. in applied physics from Stanford.


The idea that either Woods Hole Research Center or Duffy himself are objective scientific advisors is laughable.



May 21, 2018 at 04:55AM

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