‘Unprecedented’ hailstorm ravages Bordeaux vineyards – “Could bankrupt some growers”

See video – Shades of the Little Ice Age

26 May 2018 – A hailstorm of “unprecedented violence” caused widespread destruction in the Bordeaux and Cognac areas of western France on Sunday.

The storm struck the Gironde area where many of France’s most well-known red wines originate, as well as further north in the Charente and Charente-Maritime regions.

“It’s a shock, it was a hailstorm of unprecedented violence for 10 minutes,” the head of a winegrowers association in the Cotes-de-Bourg area, Didier Gontier, told Franceinfo radio on Sunday. Some winemakers lost 100 percent of their harvest.

He said the destruction could bankrupt some growers, particularly those already affected by a late frost last year when the Cognac and Bordeaux regions were hit with devastating late frosts leading to one of the worst harvests on record.

Officials mention an initial figure…which will have to be refined, of 10,000 hectares (24,710 acres) of destruction in Cognac, 1,000 hectares in the Medoc, between 4,000 and 5,000 hectares for Cote de Blaye and Cote de Bourg and about 1,000 hectares in the vicinity of Gensac”, Farges told Reuters.

Such hailstorms remind me of the devastation caused by hailstorms during the Little Ice Age (LIA), and the superstitious beliefs that such weather events had been caused by “witches.”

Here’s Dr Sallie Baliunas discussing the killing of 50,000 witches during the LIA.



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