China has comprehensively gamed the West

Relationships with China are the subject of many news items lately.
China’s “rightful place in the world” is a phrase we often hear and now “sinophobia” is being bandied around.
Anybody reading this blog is likely well aware of all the above so I will cut to the chase and summarize recent history how I see it.
After the economic failures and deaths of millions in the Mao years the more worldly Deng Xiaoping assumed power, we heard more about “capitalist roaders” and the 1980’s witnessed steady growth of the economy. At the end of the 1980’s the USSR imploded and many in the West thought “history had ended” and there was no more need to be vigilant guarding Western security & prosperity won over the bodies of millions over centuries.
As the chart shows the Chinese economy grew at a more rapid pace in the 1990’s and maybe in that decade leading Western nations should have come to a clear treaty understanding with China about the following. I realize diplomats would not express all this as plainly as I will. Here is what should have been conveyed.
We in the West welcome the improved Chinese economy and better living standards for hundreds of millions of your hard working people. However China should realize that in order to keep growing your economy you need to participate in the Western capitalist system.
The West expects your political structure to evolve to be more democratic, we were alarmed and shocked by the Tiananmen Square massacre but as you know we did little.
The West will not encourage the growth of a potentially dangerous colossal communist dictatorship in effect parasitic on our hard won capitalist economic system, the most successful in global history.

So there you have it – we need assurances about your political evolution or expect China to be blocked from full participation in the Western economic system as it suits us.
Now OK that “treaty with China” never happened but many in the West probably had a belief that China would evolve towards a democracy. Just as in the 1930’s many “useful idiots” in the West assumed the USSR and the West would converge – never happened. Now we know that China is trending towards an aggressive communist dictatorship, witness the 2014 onslaught of building military bases in the South China Sea and other aggressive moves disputing islands further north. More recently we have seen President Xi confirmed as ruler for life – exactly the opposite of increased democratization.
That explains my main point – keeping this short but there is a vast area to discuss later in the light of my contention.

via Errors in IPCC climate science

June 6, 2018 at 02:25AM

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