Climate alarmist Kerry Manuel on Live feed 12:30PM EST – “Hurricanes, Climate Change, and Society”

From the University of South Florida (document)

h/t to WUWT reader Mumbles McGirk

Dr. Kerry Emanuel
Lorenz Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Boston, MA)

“Hurricanes, Climate Change, and Society”

Hurricanes are among both the most lethal and the most damaging of natural phenomena, globally.
In this short talk, I will review what is known about the climatology and physics of hurricanes as well
as the toll they take on civilization, and go on to describe the astonishing progress that has been
made in detecting, measuring, and forecasting these storms. The talk will conclude with a
presentation of evidence that global climate change is increasing the incidence of high‐intensity
hurricanes and hurricane rainfall; coupled with rising sea levels, this presents a threat of increased
flooding of coastal cities.



All speakers will be giving their talks remotely through Skype for Business. Below are instructions for joining these meetings, followed by links to each speaker’s respective talk.

How to join the Skype Meeting:


  • To join the skype meeting remotely, each event has a custom link (included at the end of this document). This link will take you to a portal where you can download the Skype Meetings Web App.
  • Once here, click on the Install and join with Skype Meetings App (web) link. It will download a file about 112MB in size – click run/install.  The Window then prompts for a name for the meeting and then allows entry to the Skype meeting.
  • After this downloads, you should be able to access the meeting, and you will be listed as a guest. If this does not work on the first try, you may have to reinstall the Web App (located under “Trouble with the app”).
  • The skype portal will open at 12:00 PM EDT and each speaker will begin their presentation at 12:30 PM EDT.


If you experience any difficulties please email Michelle Saunders ( or Lauren Carter ( and they will get back to you ASAP.



Question and Answer Session:

At the end of the presentation we will take questions from both the in-person audience and from any remote participants. We will not be able to get to every question but we will select a few to ask the speaker.


  • If you have a question, please type it into the texting window (making sure your full name appears). Please specify if you have a microphone/audio so that we can hear you speak if necessary.
  • If you do have audio, we will unmute you so that you can read your question.
  • If you do not have audio, we will read your question to the speaker and audience for you (remember to specify that you do not have access to audio when you type your question).



Individual Speaker Skype Links:

Use the following links to join each talk.

Kerry Emanuel


Rebecca Morss


Maureen Fordham


Michael Mann

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June 13, 2018 at 11:14AM

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