Arctic Ice Volume Surges To 3rd Highest In 16 Years…AMM Lowest Since 1972…Maue Hits Mann

Using data from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), Japanese skeptic blogger Kirye just tweeted how Arctic sea ice volume has surged to the 3rd highest level in 16 years.

Data source. Danish Meteorological Institute. Chart source: Kirye.

Today, there’s not a climate ambulance chaser to be found in the Arctic. Some ten years ago, a number of leading experts predicted the summertime Arctic would be ice free by now. Boy, did they goof!

Here’s a chart by Kirye showing a year-by-year plot:

Source: Kirye.

Note that over the past decade the trend has been steady, even somewhat upward.

Once reason Arctic ice is expanding is likely in part due to the cold Atlantic, especially the North Atlantic.

AMM second lowest since 1948

Hurricane expert Philip Klotzbach at Twitter presents a chart showing the standardized AMM for the past July: it shows this year to be rather astonishing:

AMM Index 2nd lowest since 1948. Chart: Philip Klotzbach.

Klotzbach writes:

This July’s Atlantic Meridional Mode (AMM) index value was the 2nd lowest July value on record (since 1948), trailing only 1972. A negative AMM tends to be associated with colder tropical N Atlantic SSTs, higher sea level pressures and less active Atlantic seasons.”

Record low relative tropical Atlantic sea surface temperatures

Moreover, days ago Klotzbach also presented another chart depicting July, 2018, relative sea surface temperatures for the Tropical Atlantic (10°N – 25°N):

Chart: Philip Klotzbach.

As the chart shows, in July they reached a record low since measurements began in 1948. In fact there’s never been such a steep drop over an 8-year period.

The cold temperatures will serve to significantly dampen hurricane activity this year, Klotzbach points out.

Michael Mann hyperventilating, expert hints

Lately there’s also been quite a bit of (hysterical, climate-ambulance chasing) talk about the regional heat waves and “extreme” weather that have hit parts of the northern hemisphere. Obviously they’ve been ignoring the huge cold developments at places they used to like focusing on.

At PBS activist/alarmist scientist Michael Mann attributes it to manmade climate change. However, expert meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue differs, tweeting here that the factor behind it all hasn’t been behaving unusual at all:

Interesting, climate scientist Michael Mann attributes the last month of extreme weather to a “slow”, “more wild” and “undulating” jet stream. But that’s typical of “summer” in Northern Hemisphere regardless of climate change.

Maue explains:

Typically this jet stream theory is related to Arctic changes e.g. sea ice depletion. Mixed answers from empirical & modeling studies. This direct causal link from climate change to the actual behavior of jet stream in a given month seems beyond our attribution capabilities.”


However, this thinking is consistent w/null hypothesis that climate change impacts [affects, causes, intensifies] all extreme weather events [always]. These jet stream “slow downs” or blocking events are actually poorly understood features of the climate system.”


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August 8, 2018 at 07:53AM

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