Do you have ‘green guilt’? A quarter of people exaggerate how environmentally conscious they are

By Paul Homewood


Beware of opinion polls!!



The widespread consumer outcry over the excessive use of plastic worldwide has led to many companies taking action to curb the material’s use.

Starbucks last week introduced a 5p "latte levy" on its paper cups in a bid to reduce single-use paper and plastic waste, while McDonald’s confirmed last month that it would stop using plastic straws across all of its UK and Ireland restaurants, replacing them with paper alternatives from September.

But new research by Legal & General Investment Management shows that, while the UK is a nation of aspiring environmentalists, with 92pc of 18- to 55-year-olds saying that minimising their impact on the environment is important to them, more than a quarter (26pc) exaggerate their environmental credentials to alleviate "green guilt".

The findings, based on a survey of 2,003 people, reveal that many consumers feel the need to embellish how much recycling, reusing, and refilling they really do in order to maintain a "green social status".

A fifth of those asked said their friends would judge them negatively if they were not behaving responsibly towards the environment, as the "Attenborough Effect" intensifies.


August 11, 2018 at 08:30AM

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