German Flagship Daily ‘Die Welt’: Germany Has A Hot Weather “Hysteria Problem”

A wave of media hysteria has been unleashed by the recent hot and dry “Sahara” weather Europe has seen over the past few weeks. Cries to shut down the coal power plants and to adopt vegan diets have reached peak volume!

ARD Fake News: “CO2 causing lung disease”

The neurosis has gotten so bad, that flagship German media have been reporting new breath-taking claims.

For example Germany’s version of the BBC ARD German public television, here claimed that CO2 is not only “killing the climate”, but is also even “causes lung disease”!

NBC’s Al Roker: Warming now causing less hurricanes!

In the US, NBC meteorologist Al Roker here did have some good news: Global warming is now causing less hurricanes (and not more): The melting Arctic ice is cooling the Atlantic, which works against the formation of hurricanes, he claimed.

Unfortunately that “information” from Mr. Roker has turned out to be really fake. Expert meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue even called Roker’s outlandish claim “cringeworthy”.

“Not heat problem, rather hysteria problem”

But among the cacophony of hysteria emanating from the global fake news construct, there have been a few remaining voices of sanity – fortunately.

For example journalist/lead commentator Torsten Krauel of Germany’s flag ship national daily Die Welt here wrote an opinion piece titled: “Germany doesn’t have a heat problem, rather it has a hysteria problem.

In the opinion piece Krauel writes:

There have been many hot summers, as well as rainy cool ones. Germany does not have a heat problem, and a look at the past shows this.”

Krauel then reminds the amnesia-prone German readers of the hot spells of the 1990s, or 2006, 1983, 1975, 1963 and 1958 as examples, where periods of heat and/or extreme drought also occurred.

Indeed according to Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann, July 2006 was much warmer than July 2018, by 2°C.

Going vegan our only hope

Die Welt’s Krauel adds with sarcasm:

But over 2018 in some places they complain like end-of world preachers. It is the largest anomaly since records have been kept. Water will be in short supply, Sea level is rising. Become a vegan, otherwise it will continue like this.”

Cold front erases the hysteria

In the meantime, a cold front has passed through the continent, thus dislodging the blocking high behind the unusually summerlike weather which many had been enjoying.

Central European temperatures today as of 1 p.m. ranged only from the low sixties to low seventies Fahrenheit.


It won’t be long before we start hearing complaints about all the cool and damp weather and longings for summer.

via NoTricksZone

August 11, 2018 at 07:35AM

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