Monsieur Hulot’s Mid-Life Crisis

The resignation of the French Ecology Minister made waves not only in France, and rightly so. As number two in the government, and its most popular member by far, Hulot’s resignation, announced spontaneously during a radio interview, has given Macron’s government its biggest shock since July, when the president’s most trusted adviser was filmed beating up a demonstrator while disguised as a policeman. (Only bona fide policemen are allowed to do that, and the democratic process, duly shocked, surged into action, with round-the-clock live coverage of interrogations of those concerned in both houses of parliament, while the unfortunate psychopath, under judicial investigation for assault, illegal possession of a firearm, impersonating a police officer and whatnot had to make do with fawning interviews in le Monde and elsewhere.) Coverage of Hulot’s resignation has been similarly thick and fast. The immediate cause was a presidential meeting about hunting at which Monsieur Hulot found himself face to face with an old enemy, a Monsieur Coste, spokesman for the hunting lobby and ex-consultant to two previous presidents. According to M. Hulot, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. According to M. Coste, the meeting passed normally, with Hulot and Coste addressing […]

via Climate Scepticism

August 31, 2018 at 06:23PM

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