“They were lucky no polar bears spotted them”

“Arctic ice claims another ship – this time with a sinking,” reads the headline. Canadian Coast Guard rescues 2 passengers from sinking sailboat stranded on ice floe

“An 11 meter sailboat was crushed and sunk by Arctic ice in the Bellot strait on 8/29/2018. The vessel was attempting the Northwest Passage. The captain may have believed the propaganda about an ice free Arctic in 2018.” (from WUWT)

“CCGS Larsen helicopter picked two stranded individuals off ice floe and they appeared unharmed. The conditions were rather heavy fog with little wind. They had spent 11 hours on the ice floe and they were lucky no Polar Bears spotted them. In that time span the ice floe traveled westbound and eastbound in Bellot Strait currents.” (emphasis added) (from ArcticNorthwestPassage)

A tug and an icebreaker were ordered to respond. “The icebreaker is likely to need more than 11 hours to reach the scene of the accident.”

Arctic ice claims another ship – this time with a sinking


See photos and map:



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August 31, 2018 at 05:21PM

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