1976 vs. 2018: The Strange Case of the Mismatch Between Central England and England

    As I showed a few days ago, this summer 2018 turned out to be the fifth warmest summer on record in the long running Central England database, going all the way back to 1659. It was beaten hands down by 1826 in second place and the superlative summer of 1976 in first place. The main reason this summer failed to live up to warmist expectations was that August was a flop. June was very warm, July was blistering, but then in early August, the blocking Scandinavian high which had delivered the exceptionally hot, sunny weather broke up and things became a lot more unsettled, kicking off with some momentous thunderstorms. But whaddya know? The Met office have announced that 2018 was the ‘hottest summer evah’ in England according to weather station data going back to 1910. Also, even though Wales, NI and Scotland failed to make it into the record books, the UK summer of 2018 was overall as warm as 1976, 2003 and 2006, i.e. we now have four equal ‘hottest summers evah’ in the UK. The Met Office tweeted this very curious map in support of their statement that England 2018 was warmer than 1976: England […]

via Climate Scepticism


September 4, 2018 at 02:09PM

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