BoM Victoria rain anomalies map downplays rain

Hawkeyed reader Bob has sent in this example of the BoM August rainfall anomaly map for Victoria failing to reflect above average rain at BENDIGO AIRPORT (081123) 51.5 Norm, 56.4 in August , CASTLEMAINE PRISON (088110) 66.4 Norm, 66.6 in August. And then a little further south the anomalies contours make no sense either – DAYLESFORD (088020) 103.0 Norm, 111.4 in August, TRENTHAM (POST OFFICE) (088059) 124.8 Norm, 154.5 in August, and WOODEND (088061) 90.3 Norm, 91.3 in August. Larger map
The Daylesford daily data shows another type of error with rainfall left unrecorded in the gauge four times during the month – on the 8th the reading covered the previous 6 days. Well water evaporates so Daylesford rain for August was understated. Amazing with so much publicity about drought and wealthy Australia can not read a simple factor like rainfall to a proper standard.

via Errors in IPCC climate science

September 5, 2018 at 01:38PM

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