Calculated Chaos: Renewable Energy Zealot’s Wind & Solar Plan for California Just Doesn’t Add Up

  Facts, reason and logic have never troubled the true believers in our ‘inevitable transition’ to an all wind and sun powered future. Trifling matters, like cost and reliability, are dismissed in an instant. The slaughter of millions of birds and bats, swept under the carpet. And the environmental havoc wreaked across countryside carpeted in thousands of toxic turbines and solar panels from horizon to horizon, is deemed to be all for the greater good. They’re not called zealots, for nothing. As Robert Bryce details below. A fully renewable California? Los Angeles Times Robert Bryce 21 August 2018 Back in 2012, the environmental organization and its leader, Bill McKibben, took a “Do the Math” tour across America to talk about “the terrifying math of the climate crisis.” Alas, it appears McKibben has since developed an allergy to simple arithmetic. In a recent op-ed in the New York Times, McKibben declared that California legislators should pass Senate Bill 100 this month, committing the state’s utilities to getting all of their electricity from renewable sources by 2045. But McKibben’s essay didn’t use any numbers to explain how it could be done. That’s because the math behind the 100 percent-renewable-energy scheme exposes […]


September 5, 2018 at 02:31AM

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