“Environmental Crime”… Rare, Endangered Birds Being Killed To Clear Way For Wind Park Project Approvals

The online German BR24 of Bavaria here writes how many endangered birds are being shot or poisoned in what appears to be in some cases attempts to clear the way for controversial projects such as wind parks.

Already there are strong protests across Germany concerning wind parks ruining the landscape, damaging the local biotope, disrupting the water management and the sickening infrasound that the installations emit. But now “climate rescuers” are also actively purposely killing rare birds that obstruct project approvals.

The BR24 reports how each year 40 – 50 suspicious cases of large dead birds across Bavaria are examined in order to determine the the cause of a large bird’s death. Recently a passerby found an extremely rare sea eagle dead near a railway embankment. Experts say that it is highly unlikely that the large predatory bird was killed by a passing train.

The large sea eagle was thus taken to the Bird Protection Monitoring Station in Garmisch-Partenkirchen where it was X-rayed and underwent an autopsy to determine the real cause of death, The result: it had been poisoned. An illegal rat poison was found in its stomach and liver.

This is a tragedy because according to Hans-Joachim Fünfstück, Director of the Monitoring Station:

Concerning sea eagles, we have only a very small stock in Bavaria. We are not even at 25 breeding pairs. We have 20 pairs, maybe. Every bird is precious.”

Overall, the BR 24 writes that in Garmisch Partenkirchen all suspiciously dead birds undergo an autopsy and writes that a cause of death “is often poisoning” by using tainted bait.

Hans-Joachim Fünfstück says that although the work is fascinating, “it is also depressing when it is discovered that the bird was either shot or poisoned. ”

In the case of the poisoned sea eagle, it was likely struck by a train because it had been rendered too sick and was no longer able to react properly.

The BR24 also reports that recently a dead hawk was found under or power transmission tower and made to look as if it had been an accident. But an X-ray of the hawk revealed that it had been shot.”

Unfortunately, the BR24 writes, the perpetrators almost always get away.

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November 28, 2018 at 12:15PM

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