I hope readers will forgive me for posting an article not directly relevant to climate change but in my view there are some parallels. To start with, the piece I am going to link to shows the importance of forensic questioning of people who are responsible for key policies, and this applies equally to those proposing the CAGW (catastrophic anthropogenic global warming) hypothesis.

Here is the link. To view the exchange you can try this link and go to 9.35. You will see that my MP, Julian Lewis, was able to ask a total of nine questions to the PM on the one issue of the Irish border, and it was only by doing so that he was able to establish, or rather infer an answer, in spite of her prevarication.  This style of questioning is rarely seen in UK politics, which is why ministers are able to brush off questions so easily under the single question and response method.

You might think that the media would pick up on this event as it of such vital importance to the Brexit debate, but alas it has not. I only found out about it myself when I attended a meeting where Julian showed it to me in answer to a question. The Irish "hard border" issue is fundamental to the Brexit deal and, as Julian has shown, it is a nonsense as no one is actually going to create one. In other words the EU, with the connivance of the UK civil servants, are using "straw man" arguments to try to ensnare the UK into remaining perpetually tied in with the EU.

In similar ways the proponents of CAGW are creating false data and statements to keep governments tied to the policy of reducing CO2 emissions to keep the world to some mythical ideal temperature. These arguments could also be debunked by forensic questioning by a knowledgeable person.  

via climate science

December 2, 2018 at 01:30AM

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