Talk back radio Australia extreme activism in schools

By Geoff Sherrington,

In Australia, either Melbourne or Canberra is the most active locus of climate change activism. We still have talk back radio. Melbourne’s Neil Mitchell on 3AW, 8.30am to noon on week days, is certainly in the Top 5 of national audience levels. He has been king for many years.

Yesterday, 29th November 2018, Neil Mitchell interviewed Laura Sykes, who represented the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. The eight minutes of interview expressed some of the most extreme verbal activism I can remember. Those who seek a calm discourse about climate change should listen to this to judge the amount of work ahead of them to reverse opinions like these that Laura holds so strongly.

(scroll down for clip~ctm)

Laura was on air to promote a ‘strike’ by school children aged 5 upwards, to display unhappiness with Australia’s current political treatment of ‘climate change’, however defined. This interview also gives you some insight into the attitudes of Neil Mitchell, whose attitudinal choices are followed by many listeners.

My thanks are given to radio 3AW for permission to air this on WUWT.
About the author.

Geoff Sherrington, a 1960s Science graduate with a Chemistry major spent much of his career as Chief Geochemist in mineral exploration with Geopeko Limited, plus development and operation of major mineral and forestry resources. Science gradually gave way to politics to combat the heavy increase in bureaucratic and political obstruction of the principles of free enterprise.

The Geopeko team found 13 new mines in its operating life from 1955 to 1995 or so. (Many exploration people do not find any). The value of sales from those mines, to year 2015 and expressed in 2015 values, has been about $62 billion. One discovery was the Ranger Uranium deposits, then the largest in the world. This mine had a cocktail of ingredients that were like poison to green groups, so the non-science education was considerable and relevant to the climate change debate.

Many exploration science matters such as statistics are common to both mineral exploration and climate change.


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December 2, 2018 at 12:11AM

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