22,000 To Attend The Katowice Jolly!

By Paul Homewood


h/t Joe Public

The jolly has now started in Katowice, and as usual thousands are going along.



The UK’s delegation is led by Claire Perry, and consists of 52 bureaucrats.

NGOs are sending more than 6000, all designed to put pressure on elected politicians. For some reason, there does not appear to be anybody representing ordinary people’s interests!

But there is room for the Mom Loves Taiwan Association!!



It’s going to be cold and wet in Poland this week.




Winds are light and there’s not much sunshine.

Fortunately though, Poland gets all the energy it needs from fossil fuels:


BP Energy Review 2018

The supposed purpose of COP24 is to agree the “rulebook”, the details of how nations should implement the Paris Agreement and report their progress.

In practice this means two things:


1) Money – how the $100bn a year of climate aid, which is supposed to start in 2020, will be funded, and who will pay it.

In reality, the first tranche of $100bn, agreed in 2009 at Copenhagen and intended to be spread up to 2020, has still not coughed up more than a few billion. Most of it is in any event not new money.

The chances of rich countries agreeing anything are zero.

2) Monitoring emissions – there is supposed to be regular “stocktaking” of emissions in each country, to see whether progress is being made.

China has long objected to this being done by objective, independent observers, and this will not change.

There will also be no agreement on mechanisms for delivering sanctions to states that do not meet their targets, not least because there is no provision in the Paris Agreement for this.

The role of “big” states will also be up for discussion. Developed countries will be under more pressure to up the ante. However, the US will clearly veto anything on those lines.

More significantly though, even the EU have made it quite clear that they will not improve their commitments, unless countries like China and India also accept more responsibility.

There will be much whining from poorer states about how unfair it all is. And it will end with a totally meaningless declaration, which will kick the can down the road again.

We can of course expect the BBC  to present it as a giant step towards saving the planet. But when we get to COP25 next year Matt McGrath will have to admit how little this year’s shindig actually achieved.



December 4, 2018 at 07:57AM

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