Arctic Sea Ice’s Rapid Growth In November

By Paul Homewood




Arctic sea ice extent in November was the highest since 2008, and higher than even 2006, according to DMI.


As Arctic alarmists, DMI like to impose a linear trend since the start of the record in 1979. Gullible people are thus persuaded that “Arctic ice is continuing to shrink”, just as the alarmists intended.




Highly conveniently however, the start of the satellite record in 1979 came at the end of the coldest period in the Arctic for several decades:



Unsurprisingly, sea ice extent grew during these years, which were known in Iceland as “The Sea Ice Years”. The cold climate then played havoc with Iceland’s fishing and agriculture.

No serious scientist would use a linear trend halfway through a cycle, yet that is exactly what both DMI and NSIDC do. You have to ask yourself why.


Sea ice extent may have been marginally higher in 2008, but the ice is much thicker this year, particularly in the central Arctic.



DMI’s volume figures only start in 2003, but it is evident that it has not been declining in the last decade.



But you will not discover any of this from the BBC or most of the rest of the MSM, who prefer to peddle the fake propaganda.


December 5, 2018 at 05:58AM

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