Siberia FAR colder than normal

Abnormal cold across most of Siberia and the Far East, including Mongolia. In Agayakan on December 1 reached -51.3°C. (ogimet)

Winter in most parts of Siberia started long before the beginning of the calendar.

In northern Siberia in the last week of November temperatures dropped to minus 40 degrees and lower.

The temperature in the Irkutsk Region in Erbogachen fell to −47.2 degrees on 4 December.

The average daily temperature in the central regions of Siberia is 16 degrees below normal or more. In the south of Siberia, it is colder than the norm by 10-12 degrees. Nighttime temperatures in the Tomsk region can sometimes drop to -45..48ºC.

Thanks to Martin Siebert for these links

“Could you imagine it being 10-16°C below average where you live” asks Martin. “Is enough, is not!?”

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December 7, 2018 at 01:53PM

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