Christina Figueres’ Anti Meat Agenda

By Paul Homewood



h/t Mike Waite



Could the conclusions of the new Lancet report on obesity have anything to do with the views of a certain Christina Figueres, who just happens to be Chair of Lancet’s High Level Advisory Board?


Figueres made clear her views on agriculture a couple of months ago:


Land, however, is not the only way to produce food, she says, referring to vertical farming, the practice of producing food in vertically stacked layers. Though nascent, the technology is evolving with commercial ventures such as Plenty, an ag-tech startup backed by SoftBank and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and AeroFarms, ploughing millions into city-based vertical farms.

“The more concentration of people in cities, the more vertical farming we’re going to need, because it’s not just about soil and land use, but transportation of food adding to its carbon footprint,” says points out.

Ms Figueres proposes what she calls “three provocative ideas”. The first is asking fossil fuel companies, already required to reduce their emissions, to finance the reforestation of degraded lands. She concedes that there are problems with this idea, but reiterates that we need to be thinking “not just outside the box, but without it”.

Secondly, she says, we should all be vegetarians and restaurants should treat meat eaters like smokers, by making them eat outside, because meat is “bad for the planet and our health”. “Very, very provocative, but why not?” she asks.

Some 26 per cent of the planet’s ice-free land is used for livestock grazing and around 33 per cent of croplands are used for livestock feed production, according to the FAO.

The idea of reducing livestock use is slowing gaining traction, with several companies starting to offer technologically impressive alternatives, such as Memphis Meats that grows meat in a lab and JUST Inc, which produces a plant-based alternative to eggs.


Anti meat? Big tobacco? Anti fossil fuels? Anti big business?

Now where have we heard that before?


February 10, 2019 at 01:21PM

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