Ice age to begin in the 2050’s? 

You may want to consider the electric-sun theory.________________

Ice age to begin in the 2050’s? 

James Wood

Have you ever considered the work of Rolf Witzsche who maintains a massive site on a number of issues including the coming ice age? The URL for the site is

I can understand that some might be hesitant to discuss his work and claims because he bases his analysis on the electric universe, electric sun model which claims that electric forces in the form of Birkeland currents dominate interplanetary, interstellar and even intergalactic behavior. The argument is that cosmology is essentially plasma physics in space.

However, the discussion of the corruption in science with respect to AGW should at least make  you open to the possibility of massive corruption in other parts of physics where many physicists have been complaining about the official positions of scientific bodies for decades. You might want to consider the beginner’s guide to the electric universe at an alternative opinion to official science on the subject of solar energy sources.

I bring up Mr. Witzsche because he has offered a prediction that the ice age will begin in the 2050’s. Essentially the 200-year cycle that has been discussed for a cooler world in the 21st century while present is just one cycle among many. Thus the 200-year cycle bottom is not relevant and temperatures will just continue lower.

A taste of the prediction methodology can be seen in a chart showing current and anticipated decline in solar wind velocity reflecting diminishing solar energy output in the first half of the 21st century. The chart can be found at In terms of electric-sun theory it argues for an effective decline in solar blackbody temperature from currently around 5000 Kelvin to 3000 Kelvin which will be sufficient to plunge the Earth into the next ice age. This will happen sometime between 2045 and 2050 according to the chart.

Of course this decline in its early stages does not in any way argue against the relatively minor declines that are currently anticipated in the next few years directed towards a mid-century bottom followed by recovery at the end of the 21st century. It will likely be hard to tell the difference for awhile yet.

I admit I find the electric model increasingly creditable as an argument for the sources of power driving the sun. The theory essentially makes the sun into a light bulb attached to a power grid. Power grids are subject to all sorts of output fluctuations over time which makes the sun far more variable in output potentially than, I think, most would credit. Therefore discussion of this model and its relevance to a coming ice age seems worthwhile.

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February 10, 2019 at 03:44AM

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