Climate Regulatory Madness Ratchets Up: “German Greens Aiming To Limit Citizens To 2 Flights A Year

Recently we reported here how the German Greens are the biggest frequent fliers, and thus climate hypocrites. So it’s only ironic that they are now calling for flight restrictions to be imposed on all citizens.

Of course, important people who do really “important things” — like flying to world-rescuing climate conferences — would be exempt or have the added fees paid by the taxpayer.

According to a number of leading Germany dailies, e.g. here, and here, Green Party parliamentarian Dieter Janecek (42) “wants to spoil the German ‘desire to fly a lot’ with hefty price increases – in order to protect the climate.”

Only 2 roundtrip flights a year

Janeck told the Münchener Merkur that citizens should be allowed only 2 roundtrip flights annually. In Janeck’s proposal, a 30 – 50% surcharge would be added beginning with the third international roundtrip flight.

According to the Münchener Merkur, Janeck says that each citizen is to b allotted “a fixed budget” of two or three flight pairs.

Accordingly, each person has a fixed budget of three flight pairs per year that they can buy normally. “If you want to fly more, you have to buy the flights from others who are not using their budget,” Janecek said.

Customer repairs over the phone

Janeck believes that companies and authorities will think more about utilizing video conferencing in place of traveling for meetings. ”

One aspect of the proposal is that “everyone would have practically their own private emissions trading system.”

“And those who fly little can even sell shares and earn money,” Janecek said.

“Horrified” reaction

But Janeck’s proposal has come under fire the center right CSU party transportation expert Daniela Ludwig (43), who, according to Bild newspaper, “reacted horrified”. Ludwig told BILD: “Climate protection does not work with paternalism and prohibitions, but only through sensitization. We will not be able to market our German products worldwide only through video conferencing.”

FDP faction leader Christian Lindner (40) warns: “Those who ration air travel are showing the old face of a party that aims to ban everything.”

“Stupid proposal”

Even the Greens-friendly socialists blasted the draconian idea. Johannes Kahrs (55, SPD party) spoke of a ‘stupid proposal’: “People should decide for themselves when and how they fly”, especially working people have no other choice,” Bild reported.

Bild daily remarks that Janeck’s proposal probably would be most unpopular among his own Green Party where its member have been found to be the champions of frequent flying. Bild reports: “Surveys show time and again that Green politicians and sympathizers hold the record for the number of flights.”

Could actually lead to more flying

As a low-frequency flier (one flight per year) I don’t think it’s that bad an idea. For those who rarely fly, especially the poor, it would be possible for them to collect credits and to fly maybe more often.

But on the other hand, it would mean the creation of yet another bureaucratic monstrosity, more intrusion into the free market and more control over private lives. The proposal should be filed in the dustbin.

Once again Janeck’s proposal only confirms that leftists and environmentalists only want to tell everyone else how to live and what to do.

Ban all domestic flights

As extreme as the German Green party’s proposal may sound, its still falls short of what extremist scientists are calling for.

Former Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) director and frequent flier Prof. Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber, for example, said that “domestic flights within Germany should be banned” and be replaced by a better continental high-speed train network. Read more here.

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March 12, 2019 at 01:14PM

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