The long march to #Brexit: Local election campaign update

Keep it simple: Window poster

Things are getting very busy for me over the next week so I thought I’d write this quick update now on the local election campaign where I’m standing for democracy and independence. I may be too engaged to get around to writing more posts before May 2nd.

7500 of my campaign leaflets have been pushed through letterboxes in my ward. Another 5000 arrive tomorrow for the final push when my team of volunteers (including Oldbrew, thanks mate!) will take to the streets this weekend and hand out more leaflets and window posters. During the weekend we’ll also be canvassing at addresses near polling stations and getting pro-brexit residents’ agreement to emplace signboards in their gardens in time for polling day next Thursday. The old V6 Ford will be dragging a trailer with large banners mounted around the local streets and carparks too.

Feedback in the campaign has been excellent. There is a strong feeling out there in the community from erstwhile Tory and Labour supporters that the current crop of parliamentarians have gone rogue and are trashing our system of democracy just to frustrate the outcome of the 2016 referendum in line with their personal preferences. They are behind what I’m trying to achieve.

I have had one negative email saying I’m an opportunist piggybacking a national issue onto local politics, but the majority of people I’ve spoken to on the doorstep see this local election the same way I do: as an opportunity to send a loud and clear message to all MPs. The ballot box is the only chance we get to make ourselves heard by the remote Westminster bubble dwellers so it has to serve that purpose even at local election time.

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April 25, 2019 at 02:07AM

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