Very cold and snowy from Moscow to the Ural Mtns

Temperatures below the climatic norm

1) Night frosts and snow in central Europe (Russia)

After a 20°‼C heat, night frosts returned. In the Volga-Vyatka region and the Middle Volga region snow fell.
The lowest temperature (up to −6 …− 8ºC) is registered in the Yaroslavl, Kirov, Penza and Ulyanovsk regions.

2) Snow cover will remain in the Middle Urals – IA “Meteonovosti”

The active cyclone, which brought inclement weather to the Urals last weekend, goes to the northeast, bringing arctic air.

On Sunday, 11 mm of precipitation fell in Yekaterinburg, and 8 mm more on Monday night. By morning, snow cover up to 15 cm high was formed in the city.

On Tuesday, with the increasing influence of the anticyclone from the west, in some places small precipitation in the daytime in the form of wet snow will be observed. At night, the frost will get stronger to -5 ..- 10°C, in the Sverdlovsk region with clearing up to -15°C.

3) This week in Moscow is dry and sunny, but with frosts.
IA “Meteonovosti”

On the last day of April, with variable cloudiness, still without precipitation, with a weak northeastern wind at night in Moscow 1..3°C, in low relief areas, on ramps and bridges to -1°C, in the region from -2 to +3°C. By day, due to solar warming, the temperature will rise to 14..16°C. The average daily temperature will be below the climatic norm by 2 degrees.

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