BOOM! Scott Adams uses Dilbert to Diss the ‘Climate Crisis’ Again

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Genius cartoonist Scott Adams published a Sunday cartoon panel offensive to the climate religion.

Dilbert / Scott Adams teasing followers of the climate religion (Licensed copy)

From “Climate Change ” is the new universal boogeyman department.

Just in case you think this cartoon is too ridiculous to be true, there are plenty of real world examples of people trying to blame climate change for their own failures.

Climate change has been blamed for everything from the flooding of the Nile, to wildfires in California, which were actually made worse by incompetent forestry management, and caused by a clear lack of electrical line maintenance.

And of course, climate change is top of the list when any flooding or levy failure occurs. If climate change is accepted as the cause of the problem, nobody thinks to investigate shoddy substandard work and sudden cash windfalls.

Climate change – the go to excuse for the incompetent and corrupt.

Note from Anthony: This cartoon is fully licensed to reproduced at WUWT, other places, not so much. And, in what is probably the worst example of blaming climate change, Bill McKibben’s flying monkeys at blamed the Oroville dam spillway disaster on climate change AND blamed the November 2018 Paradise wildfire disaster on climate change too. They even got our local city council to declare a “climate emergency”.

The stupid, it burns like white phosphorous!

– Anthony

via Watts Up With That?

July 15, 2019 at 05:02PM

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