Guido Reader Solves Climate Crisis

By Paul Homewood



h/t Dave Ward




Guido has news of the Dim’s latest hypocrisy:






The LibDems were one of the first parties to jump on board the “climate emergency” bandwagon, although they’ve not always managed to practice what they preach. This LibDem down in Leiston, Suffolk doesn’t seem to have got the memo either, they’ve plastered Lib Dem decals all over what appears to be a gas-guzzling 2004 Land Rover Discovery. Looks far too professional to just be a LibDem superfan, Guido suspects it is a local organiser of some sort…

The EU set a target of 130 g/km CO2 emissions in 2015, this is falling further to 95 g/km in 2021. Meanwhile the Lib Dem Land Rover is happily chugging out a whopping 284 g/km – three times the EU’s incoming target. Some “climate emergency”…


But one of his readers has the perfect solution to the climate emergency!




July 15, 2019 at 04:12PM

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