The Warmth Of 1946

There was a lot of warm weather in 1946, including a stretch from December 1 to December 28, when Harrisburg, Illinois had 14 days above 60F, and no days which didn’t reach the freezing mark.

Cherry trees bloomed record early that year in Washington DC.

And the trees bloomed again in record warmth during November.

March 1946 was fourth warmest in the Washington DC area, after 1921, 1945 and 2012.

Also note that five of the last seven years have had below average March temperatures.

I took this picture a month later in Philadelphia on March 22, 2018, during Philadelphia’s coldest and snowiest spring on record..

The Washington Post also predicts cherry blossoms will start blooming in January.

Cherry blossom bloom dates show little or no trend since CO2 hit 350 PPM.

The climate isn’t changing as predicted, but COP25 has begun – so government and the press can ramp the superstition and lies up to record levels.

via Real Climate Science

December 3, 2019 at 04:42AM

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