China Corona Virus Horror: Hospital Corridor of the Dead and Dying

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

A horrific though unverified video has leaked out of China, allegedly from a hospital in Wuhan, showing dead bodies laying in a corridor unattended, with sick people sitting next to them waiting for treatment.

Chinese ‘nurse’ claims corpses of coronavirus victims are left lying in a Wuhan hospital crammed with patients as she warns ‘everyone will end up being infected’ in desperate plea for help

  • Self-proclaimed medic filmed three corpses unattended in a hospital corridor
  • In a post, she accused authorities of covering up the truth of the epidemic
  • She claimed doctors refused to issue diagnoses to control the official figures
  • She begged the public ‘to save the people of Wuhan’ in a heart-rending thread
  • Outbreak of a new deadly virus has killed 26 people and infected 830 in China 


PUBLISHED: 23:34 AEDT, 24 January 2020 | UPDATED: 23:56 AEDT, 24 January 2020 

Corpses of coronavirus victims are being left unattended in a corridor of a hospital flooded with patients in Wuhan as the Chinese city is ravaged by the deadly infection, it has been revealed.

The chilling scene, captured by a woman who claims to be a nurse, was posted to the country’s social media today but quickly censored.

Dozens of videos posted online appear show people lying in the street after collapsing where they stood as they walked through the streets of Wuhan. 

MailOnline has been unable to verify the videos, which have been widely circulated.

In a post, the self-proclaimed medical worker described how patients were being sent in non-stop without any quarantine measures, warning that ‘everyone will end up being infected and dying’.

It was believed to be filmed at the Wuhan Red Cross Hospital, one of the facilities appointed by the government to receive suspected and diagnosed coronavirus patients. 

Read more:

The following is the video reposted on Twitter;

The daily mail article also has an unverified video of people collapsing in the street, with medical attendants rushing to help them.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman who filmed the video claims authorities are concealing the true scale of the outbreak, keeping casualty figures artificially low, by refusing to issue formal diagnosis for many victims of the outbreak. She claims her husband is ill, but there is no hospital willing to accept him.

Nobody knows how contagious the deadly new virus is, but the Corona virus family includes the common cold. If the deadly new strain is a hybrid which contains DNA RNA from a common cold strain, there is a chance it is extremely contagious. Virus hybrids can occur when a person or animal is simultaneously exposed to multiple virus pathogens.

Obvious there is every chance this new virus will be contained; the Chinese government is sufficiently alarmed that their sclerotic bureaucracy is finally starting to respond appropriately, cancelling large public events and imposing travel bans and roadblocks. The USA has also been especially proactive about imposing border checks.

But its only a matter of time until something nasty slips past the watchers. Stories are appearing, people boasting on social media they took drugs to suppress their fever symptoms, to evade airport biosecurity so they could flee the Corona virus outbreak zone.

I understand the temptation to flee at any cost. Fear of deadly infection is a very primal survival instinct, as strong as our fear of heights or fear of fire. You can’t know what it is like until you have felt it yourself.

I once spent a week in a SARS hotzone on a business trip.

All good until I arrived, then it hit me. I was terrified of the possibility of being alone, sick and vulnerable in a foreign country, far away from people who cared about me. I had horrible nightmares of being misdiagnosed and locked in a quarantine facility with genuinely ill people.

Based on my experience I believe the people most likely to flee are people who have the early symptoms of the virus, who have maybe seen some of their friends and family die, but who are still able to move and hide their symptoms with fever suppressant medication, and who are clinging to the irrational hope that what they have is just an ordinary cold.

The world has worse problems than global warming.

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January 24, 2020 at 04:35PM

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