More proof that viruses don’t have wings — UPDATE: SlowMo moves!

BREAKING NEWS: Since writing this Scott Morrison has finally moved to quarantine all arrivals including planes and ships. He’s still two weeks behind the virus, and playing catch up with Jacinta Ardern, the real leader. But finally the bleeding obvious has dawned. He won’t close schools, and perhaps, suddenly that will now be a viable option, though Sydney still need short sharp major action to save lives. Could they bear doing no sport or social events for two weeks? The big risk to most states are now flights from Sydney. Will NSW aim for the “slow bleed” eking out infections over months, hoping none accidentally go wild, or will it aim to wipe this out in three weeks so life gets back to normal, and Australia can play sport again against New Zealand, asap?

With this news, just in the nick of time, the future is now looking better. Watch as leaders all round the world pick this up. Good boost for sovereign borders. All eyes on the EU now where the open border policy has been disastrous — Spain (6,300), Germany (4500) and France (4,500) are where Italy was on 7th March, just over one […]

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via JoNova

March 14, 2020 at 11:43PM

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