Heartland Institute Launches ClimateRealism.com

By Paul Homewood



 WUWT has news of a new website launched by the Heartland Institute, to augment the excellent factchecking site, Climate At A Glance:


Nearly every day, the establishment media promotes new climate propaganda themes designed to scare people into believing a climate crisis is at hand. When the Climate Scare goes unrebutted, people are likely to believe by default that the propaganda is true. Yet most of the media’s climate propaganda is misleading or outright false. ClimateRealism.com will address and debunk the media’s most prominent climate-related tall tales.

The alarmist Climate Delusion depends on people being uninformed or misinformed,” said Heartland Institute President James Taylor.ClimateRealism.com will provide policymakers, media, and the general public with timely and easy-to-understand information that debunks media-peddled climate scares. No longer will the public have to blindly accept the climate propaganda they see on television or read on the internet.”

“With updates provided in response to these scares, people will want to make ClimateRealism.com a part of their daily internet routine,” Taylor added.

Regular updates at ClimateRealism.com will feature concise Heartland-authored articles, as well as summaries and links to articles written by other climate realists. The regular articles are designed to explain the truth behind the media’s climate scares in a clear, succinct manner. Links within the articles will direct readers to supporting facts and information.

ClimateRealism.com will also serve as a portal linking to additional climate resources, such as Heartland’s new Climate-at-a-Glance website. ClimateAtAGlance.com provides compelling, easy to digest one- and two-page summaries of frequently discussed climate issues, such as hurricanes, droughts, species impacts, and more. The summaries are particularly valuable for policymakers, teachers, and students.

Full story here.



March 24, 2020 at 04:57PM

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