Another scientist who doesn’t believe in a word he says

Another scientist who doesn’t believe in a word he says

Scientist demonstrates Pandemic lockdowns are “only for the little people”.

The Leona Helmsley moment for science has arrived. From the bigger they are, the harder they fall department comes this epic fall from grace by a deified idiot thinking with his non-science head.

From the UK Telegraph:

Exclusive: Government scientist Neil Ferguson resigns after breaking lockdown rules to meet his married lover

The scientist whose advice prompted Boris Johnson to lock down Britain resigned from his Government advisory position on Tuesday night as The Telegraph can reveal he broke social distancing rules to meet his married lover.

Professor Neil Ferguson allowed the woman to visit him at home during the lockdown while lecturing the public on the need for strict social distancing in order to reduce the spread of coronavirus. The woman lives with her husband and their children in another house.

More here:

Mind you, this is the guy with the COVID-19 virus computer model that single-handedly destroyed the global economy, by initially predicting huge amounts of deaths. The fear produced a world-wide lockdown and economic devastation.

Oh, and his mistress, Antonia Staats, is a Soros-funded activist at the climate-wackadoodle organization in the UK known as Avaaz.

Josh of course, had something to say in a cartoon:

Buy Josh a pint when the pubs reopen? Go here.

via Watts Up With That?

May 6, 2020 at 11:42AM

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