BEIS Committee’s Fake “Proposals From The Public”

By Paul Homewood




While I was away, the BEIS Select Committee held an oral evidence meeting for the My BEIS inquiry.

It sounds like a wonderfully democratic idea:




Although responses covered a wide range of topics falling the BEIS remit, the Committee conveniently decided to “predominantly shortlist” energy and climate proposals:




Now you might think that there would be loads of contributions from companies and consumers worried about how energy price rises would affect them. Or from energy experts, concerned about how the country could manage on useless renewable energy alone.

Or from car manufacturers and motorist lobby groups, who could foresee what a dire effect the policy to ban fossil fuel powered cars would have.

Or from Citizens Advice organisations who knew that most householders simply could not afford to scrap their central heating boilers, and spend more than 10 grand replacing them with utterly impracticable heat pump technology, all in the name of Zero Carbon.

Or on electrical engineers who know that electrification of heating and transport will necessitate a fundamental and unaffordable upgrading of our power distribution network.

Sadly the Select Committee is considering no such criticisms of current government strategy. Instead it has focussed on proposals from a bunch of lobbyists, out to either promote climate alarmism, or profit from it.

Maybe, you would think, Citizens Advice would have consumers’ interests at heart? Sadly no. All they can come up with is this load of gobbledegook:


Or what about that “Fuel Poverty Strategy” from the NEA? While they acknowledge the immense costs involved, their only concern is that the cost does not fall on poor people. It does not seem to have occurred to them that the money saved by cancelling decarbonisation could actually be usefully spent on relieving poverty instead.





This whole exercise is far from the democratic consultative exercise it is made out to be. Clearly the Select Committee are determined not to allow contributions from anybody opposed to the government’s agenda.

And in the end, no doubt, the “consultation” will be presented as a justification for current policies.

Rather like the Soviets used to do in fact!


July 18, 2020 at 04:06AM

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