It is all about the immune competence of the individual

“It is not a simple matter with black and white answers.”
– John Pak

It is all about the immune competence of the individual

John Pak

After a good education in the 70s it seemed natural to vaccinate my first child in 1990, until he developed high-pitched screaming and hand tremors within 24 hrs of his second triple antigen shot. My wife, a nurse in a children’s ward, said “This needs a hospital” so I knew we were in trouble. Our family Dr told me straight to my face “If you continue with this you will kill him”. Fortunately the baby slowly recovered.

The smart doctor directed us to some sensible reading. After that close call none of our children had early life vaccinations. To those who want to come out slagging one side or the other I suggest you learn about immunology and how various vaccines work because it is not a simple matter with black and white answers.

We later spoke to others with similar stories of happy healthy babies who had a severe reaction but never recovered.

Ironically, those individuals who cope badly with the actual wild type disease organism are the ones who react badly to the vaccine.


Sadly, the doctors that I know socially are unaware of the details of vaccine damage and the problems associated with aluminium adjuvants.

One USA university study injected sets of 100 rats with adjuvants. In the set that were given both of the commonly used adjuvants the death rate was over 90% and when a drug company heard about the results they threatened the Uni with research funding cuts unless they abandoned the study. A student squeaked to the press but the damning study was never formally published.

A family member who is heavily involved in the agricultural biologicals field says that this type of behaviour is typical of his industry and would likely be the same in the human biologicals world.

RoscoMac leaves many good posts here. Freedom of Speech is a valuable tool so we must all respect others’ opinions. On the topic of vaccination I am very much for developing some sort of immune therapy but I’m also aware that it comes with problems that can be worse than the disease itself. Even the famous Dr Salk admitted later in life that his polio vaccine sometimes caused the disease that it was intended to prevent so please remain open and non-judgmental.

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