WILD: antifa.com now sends you direct to Joe Biden’s campaign website

From the weird stuff department; I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it happen with my own eyes.

Try this:

  1. Open a separate browser tab or window
  2. type in antifa.com and press Enter
  3. Watch it send you to https://joebiden.com/

Here is the screencapped result in Microsoft Edge:

The same result occurs in Google Chrome. Note the Biden campaign logo association with the URL in the Browser which is automatic once the borwser resolves the Domain Name Server which points to the website.

The domain has been around since April 2002 according to an ICANN WHOIS search:

Here’s what I think it means, but this is just a guess.

1. Somebody else registered it that has nothing to do with the rioting organization we know today as “Antifa”.

2. It was probably a domain cybersquatter that heard the term back then and registered it. That is a pretty common thing to happen.

3. He/she hasn’t been able to sell it.

4. He/she probably edited the antifa.com parking/landing page, added code to redirect to JoeBiden.com as a sales ploy, hoping the Biden campaign will pay to remove it at some point, or maybe even buy the domain to keep it from associating negatives on them.

OTOH, maybe not….maybe they simply don’t care. Either way, it’s weird and somewhat prescient given how long-silent the Biden campaign has been on riots and destruction until very recently.

h/t to Willis Eschenbach

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via Watts Up With That?


August 29, 2020 at 12:31AM

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