I had hoped that the UK House of Commons Speaker would be capable of being independent from political issues like climate change, but sadly, no. This article from the Daily Express shows that he is hopelessly brainwashed into accepting the climate change dogma. 

Speaking online at the G7 Speakers’ Meeting, he said: “If one lesson from the pandemic is that taking serious action in a timely manner is key – then shouldn’t this also be true in terms of climate change? With Covid, what surprised many of us in the UK was how engaged most of the population became once the seriousness of the situation was made clear.
“People were prepared to accept limitations on personal choice and lifestyle – for the good of their own family and friends. No-one could ever imagine that we would be wearing masks so readily and that we would all be so compliant. Perhaps we ought not to underestimate the ability of people and communities to work together for the common good, if there is united and clear leadership.”
Sir Desmond Swayne, the Tory MP for New Forest West and a former international development minister, said: “My immediate reaction is: Dream on. I think people have had quite enough. Indeed, we are getting to the limit of what people will endure.”
Sir Desmond said his postbag and email inbox were full of messages from people who “can’t bear it any longer”.
I think Sir Desmond has got it right, but sadly the majority of our politicians appear to think along the lines of the Speaker. Whatever makes anyone think that people would willingly give up their independence permanently for the ludicrous possibility that it might improve the weather. How stupid do these people think we are?

via climate science

September 16, 2020 at 01:00AM

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