BBC: “How the oil industry made us doubt climate change”

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Dr. Willie Soon; The BBC is continuing to push their narrative that opposition to climate change is idealogical, and that scientists who express doubts about extreme climate claims have been corrupted by their political beliefs or by funding from industry.

How the oil industry made us doubt climate change

By Phoebe Keane
BBC News

As climate change becomes a focus of the US election, energy companies stand accused of trying to downplay their contribution to global warming. In June, Minnesota’s Attorney General sued ExxonMobil, among others, for launching a “campaign of deception” which deliberately tried to undermine the science supporting global warming. So what’s behind these claims? And what links them to how the tobacco industry tried to dismiss the harms of smoking decades earlier?

To understand what’s happening today, we need to go back nearly 40 years.

Marty Hoffert leaned closer to his computer screen. He couldn’t quite believe what he was seeing. It was 1981, and he was working in an area of science considered niche. 

We were just a group of geeks with some great computers,” he says now, recalling that moment.

But his findings were alarming. 

“I created a model that showed the Earth would be warming very significantly. And the warming would introduce climatic changes that would be unprecedented in human history. That blew my mind.”

But he noticed a clash between Exxon’s own findings, and public statements made by company bosses, such as the then chief executive Lee Raymond, who said that “currently, the scientific evidence is inconclusive as to whether human activities are having a significant effect on the global climate”. 

“They were saying things that were contradicting their own world-class research groups,” said Hoffert.

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The article continues on with the usual tired narratives about Exxon, tobacco, industry funding, and the author’s concerns that some scientists have political views the author appears to dislike.

But what I love about Phoebe’s opening statements is how neatly she inadvertently encapsulates all that I believe is wrong with alarmist climate predictions.

“We were just a group of geeks with some great computers”

Untold billions wasted, millions of people needlessly frightened, because of the fearful prognostications of a bunch of geeks playing computer games, geeks who created a set of models which arguably have never demonstrated useful predictive skill.

Only climate science appears to accept the output of broken, poorly performing, error ridden computer models at face value. Everyone else prefers to thoroughly test their computer models before they get excited by the output.

Even the data climate models are based on is questionable, as study after study has demonstrated.

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September 20, 2020 at 05:01PM

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