Living By Lies — America Can’t Breathe

Guest post by David E.

Since the 1990s, political correctness has grown stronger. The penalty for contradicting the political left and their fantasies used to be just social opprobrium in certain circles and not being seen as the trendiest at certain dinner parties. But now it can get you fired. You are free to speak, but the leftists are free to be rude, yell at you, deny you service on their platforms, and bar you from the many institutions they control.

Daniel Greenfield is a rising independent US journalist with a fearless eye and a clever turn of phrase (emphasis added):

A Soviet citizen goes to the dentist. He lies back in the chair. The dentist tells him to open wide.

“But I’m afraid to open my mouth,” he replies.

The old joke has a new resonance in the age of lockdowns and masked pedestrians, cancel culture and self-criticism sessions when Americans are the ones fearful of opening their mouths. Fear is the common denominator. A nation has spent the year holding its breath. And waiting.

Americans used to laugh at Soviet anecdotes without really understanding them. Now Americans are too afraid to laugh because they are coming to understand […]

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via JoNova

October 4, 2020 at 11:52PM

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