Don’t tell him, Pike!

As Cliscep goes deep into endorsing WW2 analogies, with Gove as Goebbels just the latest, I propose Jaime Jessop as Captain Mainwaring:

Mainwaring sincerely believes he’s fighting the good fight but what he says is totally counterproductive. This applies to James Delingpole’s tweets I embedded two days ago as well, in my view. Persuasive not.

Of course, we can all see that Mainwairing is in fact a pompous fool. All analogies have their drawbacks. One problem, though, with defining yourself and your side in a political argument as akin to the bravest of the brave and the opposition as the moral and practical equivalent of Nazis is that, well, the pompossibilities are endless. Narcissism extra time.

We need to lighten up. Not just for our own sanity, but for our humanity and its concomitant, humility.

Like this:

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via Climate Scepticism

November 1, 2020 at 04:35AM

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