118-year-old man voted in Michigan

Timothy Smith, who posted this video on Facebook, thinks there could be hundreds of thousands of such ‘glitches’.

Of course, Facebook has labeled the video as ‘partly false.’ (Not sure what ‘partly false’ means.)

Please watch the video here (it’s just over 3 minutes long) and see what you think.
(Sorry, I don’t know how to post this video on my website, but if you click on the above link you can view it.)

Timothy shows us how he went to the Michigan Secretary of State website and searched for a voter, William Bradley, who was born in March 1902.

If Mr. Bradley was born in 1902, that would make him 118 years old.

Mr. Bradley’s zip code, 48207, places him in Detroit. He supposedly applied for an absentee ballot on September 11. The ballot was supposedly sent out on September 19, and Mr. Bradley supposedly received the ballot on October 2.

Taking it one step further, Timothy takes you to the Social Security Death Index, which shows that the same Mr. Bradley died in 1984.

Has Mr. Bradley continued to vote since 1984? Should be interesting to find out how that works.

As I said earlier, Timothy Smith thinks there could be hundreds of thousands of such ‘glitches.’

Here’s a shorter video showing part of what Timothy Smith discovered.

Thanks to Alane Powell for binging the Timothy Smith video to my attention.

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November 9, 2020 at 03:56PM

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