The election is not over – Video

Many media outlets have called the election for Joe Biden. However, the constitution does not give the media the power to declare a winner.

In other words, the election is not over.

As of the time this video was created, Joe Biden has not been certified by any state, let alone any of the contested states.

Legal ballots determine the winner, not the media.

Legal ballots means not counting illegal ballots.

There’s a lot of misinformation going around now on both sides.

As of right now, no one knows who won the election. It may be Biden. Or, it may be Trump.

We won’t know until the votes are certified, and the votes won’t be certified until they go through the process of litigation.

Remember the year 2000? Al Gore challenged the results in Florida, and it too 38 days before a winner was declared.

As to this election, their is very strong evidence that something was amiss in Philadelphia.

Thanks to Ashley Selover for this video.

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November 9, 2020 at 03:14PM

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