It’s an information war — time the Right shored up new lines of communication

First things First. A Psy Ops War is underway — aimed to demoralize half the US population

The Coup has control of the television and most of the newspapers. They also have Twitter and Facebook. The control is so brazen and complete even the President can’t tell his side of the story to the 70 million people who voted for him. On Twitter Trump’s comments are being sabotaged, deleted and used against him with labels warning he is “misleading”.


Twitter has evolved into the Ministry of Information

Who needs police or a court to investigate fraud? Just ask Twitter, it already knows the outcome of those cases. Same for NBC, CNN, MSNBC.

In the last month, the media’s selective blind-eye became a weaponized filter. Criminal acts and potential treason in the highest offices of the land were not just ignored, any mentions of them were hunted down the perpetrators punished. People were exiled. When Judge Jeanine Pirro tried to discuss voter fraud, she was cancelled, and by Fox.

It’s almost impossible for a groundswell of resistance to gather if there is no gathering place, no way to get out a message and nowhere to hammer out priorities. The […]

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via JoNova

November 9, 2020 at 12:02PM

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