Put More Money into Renewable Energy or We’ll Report You to Joe Biden?

British Wind BidenBritish Wind BidenBritish Wind Biden
United Kingdom (UK) solar and wind energy, renewable energy concept with windmills – renewable energy against global warming – industrial illustration, 3D illustration + Joe Biden Looking Angry

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to The Guardian, Boris Johnson has only pledged £4 billion per year of an estimated £33 billion per year which is required to fund Britain’s zero carbon conversion to renewable energy. But the Guardian are confident Joe Biden will take an interest in Boris Johnson’s apparently lacklustre commitment.

Global experts question UK’s commitment to tackle climate crisis

Boris Johnson pledged to put environment at centre of post-Covid strategy, but report says funding needed is so far badly lacking

Toby Helm and Robin McKie
Sun 8 Nov 2020 21.00 AEDT

Boris Johnson’s government is investing only 12% of the funds needed to tackle the climate emergency and the growing threat to nature, according to a new report that will raise fresh international concerns about the UK’s commitment to the green agenda.

The study – released before an expected major speech on the environment by Johnson – says ministers need to commit £33bn each year of this parliament to green causes. So far only £4bn a year has been pledged.

The report by the IPPR thinktank comes as Johnson faces increasing global pressure to act, most notably from the next US president Joe Biden, who is committed to green causes. Donald Trump took the US out of the Paris agreement on climate change, but Biden has promised to rejoin it on 20 January, the day he takes power.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/nov/08/global-experts-question-uks-commitment-to-tackle-climate-crisis

Britain plans to become “The Saudi Arabia of Wind Power”. But every other year Britain seems to experience a prolonged wind drought, at least in the last few years – 9 days in 2018, at least two weeks in July this year.

I guess if they build a really huge battery able to provide the UK’s daily energy consumption of six terawatt hour, and maintain that level of power for a couple of weeks, Britain will be able to make it through the wind droughts.

The big South Australian battery which cost AU$161 million holds 129MWh, so Britain needs about 6 trillion / 129 million = 46,500 South Australia size batteries for every day they plan to keep the grid supplied with electricity when the wind fails.

14 days x 46,500 batteries x AU $150 million = AU $97 trillion (about GBP £53 trillion / USD $70 trillion) should just about cover it. Get on with it Bojo.

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November 9, 2020 at 12:07PM

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