France plans to jail ‘ecocide’ offenders for up to 10 years under new laws

CO2 is not pollution

A selected handful of the citizens of France have spoken, so the die is cast. No-one wants pollution, but do they intend to classify carbon dioxide as a pollutant (like the USA), or even as a ‘danger to the environment’? Tell it to the plants and vegetation that rely on photosynthesis to produce glucose, essential to survival.
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Environmental offenders could be handed a fine of up to €4.5 million, or 10 years in prison. The law is meant to punish those who commit a “general crime of pollution” or “endanger the environment”, says

France is set to make serious intentional damage to the environment punishable by up to 10 years in prison, as part of a planned “ecocide” law, government ministers said in remarks published on Sunday.

The law was proposed following a recommendation made by the Citizens’ Convention for the Climate, an environmental committee of 150 people, created by the government a year ago.

Committing an “ecocide” offense could be met with a fine of up to €4.5 million ($5.3 million), or up to 10 years in prison in cases of “intentional violation” of climate laws, Justice Minister Eric Dupont-Moretti and Ecological Transition Minister Barbara Pompili told Le Journal du Dimanche weekly newspaper.

“We are going to create a general pollution offense,” said Dupont-Moretti. “Punishment will be staggered according to a perpetrator’s intentions.”

“We are crossing a historic milestone for environmental justice,” tweeted Pompili.

French lawmakers intend to legally define a number of new offenses in order to properly punish violations of the ecocide law, according to Dupont-Mortti. Those offenses include a “general crime of pollution” and “endangering the environment.”

“I want to put an end to environmental banditry,” he added.

Full article here.

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November 23, 2020 at 04:12AM

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