‘Ditch high definition and new tech to fight climate change’, say Royal Society miserablists

The climate obsessed BBC pushes its ridiculous carbophobia message yet again. But they don’t mention one obvious option – turn off the BBC.
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Streaming a television show in standard definition can shave a little off your ‘carbon’ emissions, a report from scientists at the UK’s Royal Society says. — [quote marks added]

HD video streaming on a phone generates about eight times more in emissions than standard definition (SD), it says.

And, on a small screen, the viewer might not even notice the difference, says BBC News.

Platforms and regulators should limit streaming resolution and default to SD, the authors urged.

The report says digital technology’s estimated contribution to global emissions ranges from 1.4% to 5.9% of the global total.

Another simple way to save energy is for people streaming music to turn off any accompanying video if they’re just listening, not watching, the authors say.

They estimate such small moves could save up to 5% of the emissions from a streaming service – a reduction comparable to what’s achieved by running YouTube’s servers on renewable energy.

Keep phones longer

The report also suggests owning and using devices for longer before trading them in, because the emissions created in making a new device are significant.

Some of the numbers in the report are contested.

But it says that if you change your mobile phone every two years, the manufacturing represents about half of all the emissions it will generate through its lifetime.

But if individuals keep their phones for four years instead of two, that contribution is significantly reduced.

For the same reason, the report says buying a device second-hand – or sharing equipment – also reduce the share of so-called “embodied emissions”.

Full article here — if you can take any more.

via Tallbloke’s Talkshop


December 4, 2020 at 03:36AM

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