Sea levels fall during Grand Solar Minimums

On the Subject of Italian early snow during this modern Grand Solar Minimum (GSM).


Sea levels fall during Grand Solar Minimums

J. H. Walker

More research is now becoming accessible regarding the Roman Warm period and its ending with a Grand Solar Minimum during the Late Antique Little Ice Age (LALIA )585-640.

In addition, a solar minimum I have not yet researched is the Vandal Minimum 585 to 800AD. Much of the research indicates Sea Level drops during this period, which are replicated in every other GSM period, including Dalton 1780 to 1820 and likely to be replicated in this modern GSM 2008 to 2033 along with the following recovery cycles out to 2053.

Abstract Extract:
Temperatures from 435 AD on rapidly descended, drought conditions set in, which greatly worsened living conditions on Earth. For this reason, the time after 435 AD is named as Dark Age Cold Period, Vandal Minimum or LALIA (Late Antique Little Ice Age), which led to the demise of a number of civilizations on Earth. In its progressing descent, cooling conditions were worsened by two cosmic meteor impacts, Kanmare at 572 AD and Tabban at 680 AD.

Excerpt from Florida Museum article about lower sea levels during the Vandal Minimum:
“Using isotopic information from southern quahog clam shells and marine catfish otoliths (ear bones) collected at the site, Karen Walker and co-authors Ting Wang and Donna Surge of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill confirmed cooler and drier weather characterized southwest Florida from about A.D. 500 to 850. This time span correlates with a wide-scale climate episode known as the Vandal Minimum, which is also associated with lower sea levels.

“Because Pine Island is low-lying and the adjacent sound is shallow, they are particularly sensitive to climate change. During the Vandal Minimum, lower sea levels likely forced the Calusa Indians, who inhabited Pineland in the first century, to temporarily abandon the site as early as A.D. 750, Walker said..”


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